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Maceta de jardín de concreto

Roca Griega team is made up of skilled designers and makers that bring specialist knowledge and experience to every step of the process. From the makers producing the molds, to the precision engineering behind the refined designs, years of knowledge and experience from each of our disciplines makes our design and engineering process the best it can be. 

All our experience and knowledge means that our quality control and attention to detail is key when it comes to making the molds, because we know that concrete is only ever as good as the mold from which it was produced. We believe that small details make a difference and it’s these small details that set our products apart.
In Roca Griega, we have full control and flexibility when it comes to designing and making, and it’s what allows us to continue to improve and innovate.

The malleability of concrete allows us to form truly custom pieces. Every project we pour is completely unique. Transform your space with the color, hue, texture, size and shape of your choosing. Request a quote today!

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