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Textura pieza de concreto


Concrete is a unique and timeless material.

Starting life as a material in a liquid state, concrete in its natural form is unlike any other stone. Its versatility allows us to engineer products that exceed the limits of design. Our exclusive range of products is a perfect example of what can be achieved with this liquid stone. From simple monolithic shapes to refined contours and patterned surfaces.

Not only this, all Roca Griega products are made from traditional aggregate-based concrete. Real and authentic concrete using cement from local suppliers in Los Cabos along with sands and additives of special origin and high quality pigments that are carefully mixed to create the Roca Griega color palette.

We chose to use a high resistance concrete and depending on the application we reinforced it with fiberglass. Our unique blend of aggregates naturally enhances the strength of our concrete and provides volume stability and durability. The visually presented texture as a result of carefully blended aggregates and cement creates a solid, tactile aesthetic with organic stone-like characteristics.



Due to the nature of the casting process, air trapped within the concrete can sometimes cause small holes to form on the surface. These can vary in size and number, this being a distinctive feature of concrete in its texture and aesthetics.
Agujeros en el concreto
Agujeros en el concreto
Agujeros en el concreto
Concrete will never be a piece of a monotone color due to the number of variable materials it is made from. Variations in tone and texture create a unique patina that is an integral part of the concrete's characteristics.
Variación de color en las piezas de concreto
Each piece of Roca Griega concrete is made using a traditional mix of aggregates, sand, and cement. In some cases, aggregates may be visible within the concrete surface which is part of the unique natural texture.
Exposición de agregados en el concreto
Exposición de agregados en el concreto
Concrete is in a liquid state while it is in the pouring process, so flow lines can sometimes be visible on the concrete surface. This tends to be more visible on vertical or curved surfaces and is another typical characteristic of concrete.
Líneas de flujo en el concreto
Small, hairline cracks in the concrete surface are very common within the indefinite curing process and do not affect the structural quality or performance of the part. If you are concerned about the location or size of the cracks, please contact us.
Crazing en concreto
Products may look slightly different than shown in images as each piece is completely unique. Variations in color and texture are part of the natural characteristics of concrete and have no bearing on the structural integrity of the product and should not be considered defects in material, design or workmanship. Concrete, like any other natural stone or wood, will develop a patina over time and these characteristics can become more pronounced over time.
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