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Equipo Roca Griega

We are Roca Griega. A design-led business based in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-crafted, bespoke concrete works of art. 

Roca Griega founders, Alejandro Velasco and Victor Cano, started creating concrete elements 6 years ago. Living in Baja, they were inspired by their use of concrete, manipulating it into unique shapes and forms. Captivated by the characteristics of this material, Alejandro and Victor realized the potential it had for contemporary product design. From designing to casting, assembling, and shipping concrete products, this vision took many years of development, researching and refining both the precise mix of concrete and the complex casting process for the high quality that must had when manufacturing the molds with different materials.


Alejandro and Victor grew their team and continued to innovate, pushing the boundaries of how concrete can be used.

In Roca Griega we take extreme pride in our work and the craftsmanship is evident. Therefore, Roca Griega products doesn’t leave our plant until our team are 100% satisfied. The basic Roca Griega understanding – each piece that is manufactured has to be as beautiful as possible.

In a disposable society, we believe in quality over quantity and our pieces are both functional and works of art; investment pieces which can be enjoyed for years to come.

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